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With Bitcoin steadily positioning itself as a currency more and more apps are being created for automated trading on Cryptos and Forex. One of the pioneers in the industry and most popular choices is definitely Bitcoin Revolution.

What brings the company true success is the passion of the team that it was created by. Both of them are experts in what they do and highly experienced in Forex and Crypto currency trading. Currently, the app has over 10,000 active members from 5 different continents. Basically, Bitcoin Revolution offers 100% automated trading on both platforms. It is A.I. based algorithm which is super easy to use.

If you’ve ever thought that you are falling behind the Bitcoin craze, but were too scared to throw yourself into something you are not familiar with then that’s exactly what Bitcoin Revolution is for.

The developers did a great job at making the app as user-friendly as possible. So, even for the beginners it is pretty easy to get started and become familiar with all there is to know about automated trading.

The app allows you to purchase currencies from trusted brokers without any complicated processes that you might not be familiar with. You also get access to much safer trades, minimizing your risks and maximizing your profits.

Bitcoin Revolution has two modes of assisted trading, manual and automatic. Manual one allows you to manage your own trading. The app will send you trading signals about the best times when to buy or sell currencies and you will decide whether or not you want to act on it.

If you choose automatic mode, the program will do all the work for you. The trading robot will execute all trades based on technical indicators and information from reliable news outlets on your behalf.

The advantage of Bitcoin Revolution is that it is completely “no strings attached” partnership. You can withdraw your profits at any time. You are in control of your funds all the time, even if you have the program on automated mode.

Another pro feature of the program that makes everything much easier is that they have a mobile-friendly version as well. Therefore, it takes the whole “you’re in control at all times” to the whole new level. So, you can easily trade when on-the-go as well.

Unfortunately, trading industry is notorious for a lot of scams. With the demand increasing every day there are more and more companies who try to take advantage of the situation. Therefore, it is crucial to know which companies are to be trusted and bottom line is that Bitcoin Revolution is definitely one of them.

Getting started on Bitcoin Revolution is very easy. All you have to do is open an account, which only takes a minute, deposit funds through the software and start trading. The program is completely free of charge.

The recommended amount for initial deposit is around $600. This allows the program to make several trades simultaneously and thus bring you more profit. Obviously, Bitcoin Revolution does not guarantee that all trades will turn into wins, but what matters is that in total you will be profiting.

Our Bitcoin Revolution Test for Real

To test the program we deposited $1000 and put the program on automated mode and let it do its magic. In just a single week the program generated a profit of about $1530, which is one of the best results we have seen among similar robot-traders.

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